Search Marketing Consultant

I am a Online Marketing professional based in Paris. At present, I am working for Career Builder as Head of International SEO. In my spare time, as a hobby, I develop and optimise my own websites which also complements my marketing education and puts to test my knowledge and skills in small sites’ environments.

I write about Internet marketing on this blog, which is a record of my working life and my thoughts on Search engine marketing. I also tweet about all things ‘Digital marketing’ at @davidcarralonAll views on this weblog and my Twitter account represent those of my own, and none of my employer.


Search Engine Marketing

  • Site analysis reports
  • Keyword & competitors research
  • Editorial content development
  • Link building strategy
  • Linkbait development
  • Paid advertising
  • Campaign reporting
  • Traffic analysis & reporting

Web design & applications

  • Standards-compliant web design
  • Search engine friendly code
  • Content Management systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce site development
  • Blogs: Movable Type, WordPress
  • Usability & accessibility
  • Database-driven websites
  • Graphic design